Ladies of Cerdanyola

Conservation and restoration of stained glass since 1923

Damas de Cerdanyola

The three soffits, made of cathedral, plate and blown glass, are a masterpiece of modernist stained glass. They were dismantled in 1984 to be exhibited at the Miró Foundation and did not return to their original place until August 2009, a few days before the MAC opened its doors.

During the restoration of the stained glass, carried out by the J. M. Bonet workshop between 2013 and 2015, supervised by the Center for the Restoration of Movable Property of the Generalitat, it was possible to verify that there were few reintegrations, something uncommon in other examples of these fragile works. Work was carried out on the consolidation of leads and small changes in the structure of the frames to facilitate the conservation of these works.

The authorship of this set is attributed to the German shepherd glassmaker established in Barcelona Ludwig Dietrich. Although there is also the option that the artist Alexandre de Riquer made the initial project. To add further complexity to this issue, the architect who carried out the renovation of the house Eduard Maria Balcells i Buïgas worked for some time in his own stained glass workshop called “Similvitraux”. There is no agreement in adjudicating authorship, but the English and Central European influence is clear, as in the dresses and hairstyles.

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