Custom-made stained glass windows for individuals

Conservation and restoration of stained glass since 1923

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The stained glass workshop J.M.Bonet offers various services to individuals.

-New stained glass windows.

We have extensive catalogs with a multitude of styles. From these the customer chooses approximately the ones that best suit his wishes. With this information we can offer an approximate budget with the final measurements of the client’s project. If accepted, our draftsmen will make a 1:10 scale project of the stained glass windows detailing the colors and materials to be used. The production time for custom-made stained glass windows is usually between one week and one month.

-Restoration of stained glass windows.

It is usually necessary to visit the home in order to take measurements and get a correct idea of the damage; with this we can make an estimate and explain the possible options for the conservation of the windows. For breakage of parts or punctual blows it is often possible to work at home. For more extensive damage the stained glass windows must be taken to the workshop and restored on the workbench.

VitrallsBonet not only makes custom stained glass windows for professionals or projects for companies or institutions, it also makes stained glass windows for individuals or on request. If you wish to have your own stained glass window or you need to restore an old one, do not hesitate to contact us and we will carry out your request.

Most of our clients are private individuals looking to build a glass detail that enhances an interior and adds a differentiated and quality touch to their space. The budgets are very variable, so if you are interested in our products, we recommend that you contact us with no obligation and detail the characteristics of your project, measurements, desired effect, style. With some indications from you we can tell you how to proceed and give you estimated costs. We create and preserve great historical stained glass windows in palaces, temples, government buildings, but we also make stained glass windows for homes.

Custom construction

Leaded stained glass windows are also made to order. The prices of leaded stained glass are very variable and depend on the materials chosen as well as the hours of dedication of our craftsmen.
Custom stained glass is often designed for homes, interior doors, skylights, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture, bringing a unique richness to the decorative arts. The stained glass windows are designed for interior designers or for individuals. The design is progressively developed in the workshop based on the customer’s needs, adapting it to his taste, style, favorite materials and budget. In the case of artists and interior designers, J.M.Bonet Vitralls can build professional projects showing samples of materials and finishes that make the stained glass an added value to the building.

Window design for individuals

Stained glass windows in homes usually require restoration or conservation of their elements at some point in their life. As they are often installed in buildings in use where they serve as stained glass windows for interior doors, stained glass windows for bathrooms or stained glass windows for kitchens, their use often alters them somewhat differently from stained glass windows in temples or stained glass windows in palaces and government buildings.

We recommend that the owner of these decorative arts devote some time to a calm inspection of the object. The detection of any change should be communicated to our specialists who will inform you of the seriousness (or not) of the detected phenomenon and will give you a solution. The early detection of these changes often represents a great saving and also the complete preservation of these very old stained glass windows. The prices of these interventions should be consulted individually, as all the objects are different and each one has its own peculiarities. In any case we can make estimates for individuals or conservation projects for communities of owners, managers, property managers.

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