Conservation and restoration of stained glass since 1923

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We collaborate with designers and interior designers in the construction and installation of painted and gilded signs in the traditional way.

The handmade signage manufactures unique objects completely handmade for exterior signage on facades, shop windows, windows … The quality logos created or manufactured by the company have the added value of being unique objects that convey the taste for fine materials and for the design, quality and care of the product that want to convey the stores with character. Techniques such as reverse painting, gilded glass with fine gold and engraving are used.

Vitralls Bonet builds its projects by hand, agreeing with customers the materials and methods to be used in every detail. The service achieves quality finishes and a strong character that differentiates all businesses looking for a unique object as a claim for their products or services and as the first image seen by their customers.

Maintenance of labeled windows

The conservation of labeled stained glass usually requires a previous visit to evaluate the state of conservation and to detail the requirements of the pieces. This is a very necessary process that usually establishes simple, periodic and economical guidelines that tend to avoid the proliferation of deterioration and also costly interventions when the damage to the stained glass is widespread and severe. The cleaning of labeled stained glass is one of the most difficult processes of its conservation, so we always recommend that it is done exclusively by professionals. Some glass and paints are very fragile and an unprofessional willful action can cause irreparable damage.

In the case of new stained glass, the appearance of deterioration is usually after the first few decades. This general pattern depends on the conservation conditions in which the object is exposed so we would recommend keeping the stained glass clean and make an annual inspection of its state of conservation with special attention to the structural parts, the position of the reinforcements, the glazing beads or mortars, the appearance of fractures. Stained glass windows should be kept clean and flat. If you have any questions, please contact us without obligation. To keep domestic stained glass windows clean, dry cleaning should be sufficient. In any case, please contact our specialists in case of doubt.

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