Concrete stained glass

The concrete glass window is fully integrated into the architecture that contains it, of which it forms part. Its spectacular nature enhances the interior space enclosed by the concrete and glass structure. The thickness of the glass pieces, called dalle de verre or dallas, forms plays of light of great depth and brilliance.

We work with several suppliers of these manufactured pieces and can develop any project with this type of stained glass.

Concrete stained glass was very popular during the 1950s to 1970s and was used by great artists often collaborating side by side with the architect. In Spain there are admirable projects by Arcadio Blasco, Joan Vila-Grau, Will Faber, and many others. The workshop has specialised in their conservation and restoration, detecting the causes of deterioration and correcting them as far as possible to ensure the permanence of these works.

The concrete stained-glass windows are made of 25mm pieces of glass surrounded by cement. The panels also have an internal metal structure. Concrete stained glass began to be used in 1920 but did not become popular until the 1950s and great architects, craftsmen and artists used it.

This type of stained glass, also called Dalle de Verre, allows the construction of solid enclosures, the thickness of the glass pieces creating a play of light of incomparable intensity.

J.M.Bonet also works in the conservation and restoration of these works of art.