Contemporary stained glass

The workshop collaborates with artists to develop their projects.

The stained glass windows transform raw light into complex spectra that fluctuate throughout the day in changing hues. These are the intentional fruit of the work that the team of artist and master glazier have developed.

At the root of the company is a commitment to innovation and research into new ideas and uses for stained glass. This desire has led the company to collaborate with artists such as Subirachs, Joan Vila Grau, Rogent, Perico Pastor, Tano Pisano, Grau Garriga… and the architects Pericas, Jujol, Puig Boada among many others. See our abstract stained glass windows.

Creation of modernist stained glass windows

J.M. Bonet is the artist’s guiding hand in the translation of paper sketches into the final stained glass windows that would illuminate the temples. It should be developed that the term contemporary stained glass would describe any stained glass window built in the present or in the recent past, regardless of the pictorial content. Often traditional artists, clients and glassmakers have devoted part of their time to traditional stained glass making figurative sacred art, floral designs or stained glass with heraldic coats of arms. In opposition to these uses the term contemporary stained glass has been coined, which for many years has been abstract and for a long time has abandoned the more traditional materials to develop new methods. For example concrete stained glass, laminated stained glass, enamelled glass, etc… In recent decades contemporary art has returned to the use of realistic or hyper-realistic figures and elements and in some ways the term may be misleading. In any case the workshop works with all these techniques being able to develop any new project. They all share the same stages of construction, starting with the drawing, the choice of glass and paints. Each technique of laminated glass, dalle de verre, enamelled glass has peculiarities that we can detail in the previous stages of construction.

Construction of handmade stained glass windows

Decorative arts and contemporary art meet in the creation of handcrafted stained glass windows. The choice of glass at the preliminary stage is one of the foundations of the success of the finished stained glass. In the construction stages of modernist stained glass windows, a preliminary estimate is made on the basis of the final measurements and the agreed project. In order to adapt the stained glass windows to the client’s taste and budget, the stained glass project can be modified to make the necessary corrections. In stained glass, the choice of glass and pictorial materials, grisaille, enamel, engraved plate glass, is a decisive stage. The specialist glaziers at J.M. Bonet Vitralls will help you to choose the most suitable materials, blown glass, American glass, printed glass.

The workshop has more than 400 different types of glass. The designs and compositions are infinite, geometric stained glass, floral designs for art Nouveau stained glass, abstract stained glass, in any creation in contemporary stained glass we can be the advisors and builders that get the final stained glass to be balanced, beautiful and enrich the decorative arts. If you have a stained glass project, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation and our technicians will tell you the different techniques, procedures, glass and the different effects that can be achieved. J.M.Bonet Vitralls have a long experience in contemporary art and we can show you many examples of finished objects and carry out economic studies without obligation.

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