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Master glassmakers since 1923

Construction of new stained glass windows and preservation of historic stained glass windows

vidrieras tradicionales

Founded by JM Bonet in 1923

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Our passion in every project

We dedicate all our passion and experience to each of the projects in our workshop.

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Our Services

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Stained glass restoration

Creation of religious stained glass windows for churches, temples and places of spiritual meditation that modify the light to induce rest and prayer.

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Stained glass consultant

J.M. Bonet creates his own designs and collaborates with artists by translating their ideas into glass. We are always looking for new expressive possibilities, adapting traditional techniques to current trends and technologies.

Stained glass to order

We have extensive catalogs with a multitude of styles. From these the customer chooses approximately the ones that best suit his wishes. With this information we can offer an approximate budget with the final measurements of the client’s project.

Specialists in stained glass

We are the tradition in the world of stained glass, that is why we have a scrupulous respect for traditional techniques and methods.

We follow a rigorous follow-up methodology for restorations.

We have been here for a century only because we are constantly striving for the development of new processes.

We follow a rigorous follow-up methodology for restorations.

Types of stained glass

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Contemporary stained glass

The stained glass transforms the raw light into complex spectra that fluctuate throughout the day in changing hues. These are the intentional fruit of the work that the team composed of the artist and the master glassmaker have developed.

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Stained glass

The creation of traditional religious stained glass windows for churches, temples, and spaces of spiritual recollection has been one of our main activities for 90 years. Stained glass can be figurative and depict scenes from scripture and can also modify the light of sacred spaces to induce repose and prayer.

Stained glass

The concrete stained glass window is fully integrated into the architecture that contains it, of which it is a part. Its spectacular nature enhances the interior space that the concrete and glass structure encloses. The bulk of the glass piecescalls, called dalle de verre or dallas, form plays of light of great depth and brightness.

Outstanding works

Sagrada Familia

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Batalló House

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