Sagrada Familia

Conservation and restoration of stained glass since 1923

Sagrada Familia

J.M.Bonet worked on the stained glass windows of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona since 1930, building the stained glass windows of the crypt following drawings by the artist Daríus Vilàs. The workshop returned to work after the war in this space to repair part of the damage caused.

In 1999 we began the construction of the stained glass windows of the nave following projects of the artist Joan Vila-Grau. At that time this artist was already the most experienced artist in this field with a very long trajectory.

The first stained glass window built was the passion window. Afterwards, the windows of the transept, those of the apse and finally those of the nave were built.

The set of stained glass windows is one of the largest and most spectacular. Vila-Grau’s project manages to create a changing and unique atmosphere that adapts perfectly to Antoni Gaudí’s complex architecture. The evolution of light throughout the day has become famous throughout the world.

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