Mater Dei Seminary of Castellón

Conservation and restoration of stained glass since 1923

Seminario Mater Dei de Castellón

The Mater de Dei de Castellón Seminary is a fabulous architectural complex designed by the architect Luis Cubillo de Arteaga (1921-2000).

The modernity, sobriety and elegance of the spaces induce rest and evoke, from the avant-garde, ancestral monastic spaces.

The cruciform church has a concrete stained glass window in its ceiling that overhangs the entire church. The stained glass window was made by the Alicante artist Arcadio Blasco (1928-2013) in close collaboration with the architect. It is one of the largest and most peculiar stained glass windows in Spain for its almost 400 square meters, its concrete technique and its horizontal layout.

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