Cloisonné restoration and conservation, a case study

The restoration and conservation of cloisonné stained glass is a little known process that requires specific techniques, materials and skills. The stages of this process are very different from the usual ones in stained glass conservation. The fact that there are few objects manufactured and conserved with this technique means that conservation-restoration interventions are few, […]

Art Nouveau stained glass windows in the 19th century

The development of the art of stained glass continued to be of great importance from the Middle Ages until its decline in the 16th century. Later, about the nineteenth century, it would re-emerge with force and we find the presence of the stained glass in movements such as Art Nouveau, where it is present in […]

The Palau de la Música de Cataluña

The Palau de la Música de Cataluñaby Domenech i Montanersummarizes in itself the ideal of the catalan master glassmakerstinged by a symbolism that revolves around the music and cultural vitality of the city of Barcelona. Possesses a structural system derived from Gothic with a glass roof and metal structure.

Catalan architecture and modernism

ModernismArt Nouveau, Art Nouveau, Modern Style, Judengdstil or Stile Liberty are names under which several of these styles are grouped. stylistic currents with unitary profiles that at the beginning of the twentieth century met at the areas of increased industrialization who knew how to turn them into a consumer fashion by the industrial and mercantile […]

The origin and recovery of artistic stained glass windows

The beginnings of the stained glass tradition of modernism are to be found in the last years of the nineteenth century through the continuity of the artists’ search for the effects and peculiarities of stained glass in neo-Gothic interiors.

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