Custom stained glass for individuals

J.M.Bonet workshop offers several services for private customers:

-New stained glass windows

We have a wide catalogue with multitude of styles to get inspired and choose from. Knowing the style and final measures of the stained glass, we can offer an approximate budget for the project. If it is accepted our artists will make a 1:10 scale drawing of the stained glass detailing the colours and materials to be used. The time of realization of the stained glass windows depends on the complexity of the design but for a domestic stained glass is usually takes between a week and a month to construct.
The workshop has many catalogues and books of contemporary, religious, modernist etc stained glass. We can also build stained glass windows designed by artists, interior designers or individuals. We have more than 400 glass types with different colour and texture to compliment your project.
J.M.Bonet can also transport and install stained glass windows on request.
In order for us to be able to attend you best in starting to develop your projects, please make an appointment for visiting the studio.

-Restoration of stained glass

For the stained glass restoration it is usually necessary to visit the location in order to take measurements and assess ​​the extent of deterioration. With this we can make a budget and explain possible options for the conservation. In case of glass fractures or localized damages we can often work at the location without removing the window. With more extensive damages, the windows have to be taken to the workshop and restored on the workbench.

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