Colaboration with stained glass’ artists

J.M.Bonet creates our own designs and also collaborates with artists expressing their ideas in glass. We always seek new expressive possibilities, adapting traditional techniques to current trends and technologies.

The artist always works towards realising the project so that it would directly complement its environment. The window can enhance interiors and fill spaces with new textures of light and colour; it is an imaginative and elegant alternative to other decorative resources. In interior design, stained glass has unlimited choices of compositions and richness of colour, making the end result impossible to achieve with any other technique. Among countless others, the windows for the Temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona by the author Joan Vila-Grau, and the stained glass window for the Carmelites of San José in Tarragona, designed by Pilar de Ahumada, are some of the latest realized projects of the workshop.

Darius Vilàs, Ramon Rogent, Ramón Calzina, Roca Sastre, Will Faber, Viladecans, Grau Garriga, Subirachs, Vila-Grau, Hernández Pijoan, Ràfols Casamada, Tano Pisano, Perico Pastor, Marta Blasco, Andrea Ortega, Jaume Cases, Jaume Cuadrench and the architects Pericas, Jujol, Puig Boada, Rubió and Bellver are artists and architects among many others who we have collaborated with.

The workshop collaborates with artist in order to bring their ideas in glass. At the root of the company is the commitment to innovation and the investigation of new ideas and uses of the stained glass. J.M. Bonet is the hand that guides the artist in translating the ideas from the paper into the final medium of leaded glass that will illuminate the spaces. The stained glass can transforms clear light into complex spectrum that fluctuates during the day between different shades and enhances the interior. The final impact is the product of carefully planned work of a team made of the artist and the glazier.

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