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Project Description

Dalle de verre

Dalle de verre or “concrete glass” integrates itself completely into the architecture that it is part of. Its splendour enriches the interior that is enclosed in the combination of glass and concrete. The thickness of the pieces of glass, called the dalle de verre or dallas, result in a magnificent play of light.

We work with manufactured pieces and we can produce any project with this type of window.

Dalle de verre was very popular during the 50s to 70s and was used by great artists like Arcadio Blasco, Joan Vila-Grau, Will Faber, Grau Garriga and many others. The workshop is specialized in its conservation and restoration with methods very different from those used for stained glass. Documenting, detecting the causes of the deterioration and correcting them as much as possible is the key in order to guarantee the preservation of these works.


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