Can stained glass be repaired?

No matter how damaged the stained glass is, it can always be restored. Each case is being thoroughly examined by a specialist and based on the given situation the preposition of a most adequate treatment can be made.

How much would it cost to restore stained glass?

The price directly depends on the condition of each individual case – the extent of the deteriorations and the size of the panel. In some cases the works can be carried out in situ.

The budget offer can be made without any commitment.

Can stained glass be transported securely?

Yes. It is not easy to make a secure packaging but once done correctly, stained glass panels can travel by plane, ship or land roads without being damaged.

Do we travel in order to install and dismantle the windows?

Yes. No matter the location, if necessary, we can travel to the location.

Can I ask an estimate budget for my project?

Yes, without any commitment. The price will depend on the complexity of design, type of glass used for the project and if the glass will be painted. Once all the details of the project are decided, the final price will be fixed.

Which style of stained glass should I choose?

This is a matter of taste as well as finding the balance within the architecture where the stained glass will be installed and the lighting it will be receiving. We have a vast catalogue of designs and artist that will help you come to a final design that is fitting uniquely your project.

I am an artist and want to make my works in stained glass. Can you construct and install my projects?

Yes. Based on the sketches and designs we can advise you on the most appropriate technique and material choice that can be adapted to best suit your project.

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