Vitralls Bonet

J.M. Bonet vitralls is dedicated to the restoration, conservation and production of stained glass. It also makes etched glass and faceted glass (Dalle de Verre). The business was founded in 1923 by JM Bonet; ever since, a spirit of scrupulous respect toward the traditional techniques and methods and a permanent interest in developing new procedures has been passed on from one generation to the next, from one master to another.

Vitralls Bonet

About Us

Our workshop currently employs a highly specialized staff that is able to handle any situation that involves the conservation, restoration or making of stained glass. In accordance to the guidelines set forth by the international organization Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi in 2004, it researches and documents the initial condition, restoration process, materials used and final condition of each project it undertakes, and hands over all documentation to the project manager.

What we do?

The company is dedicated to creating and restoring stained glass windows to the realization of pledges, stained concrete and gold labels.
JM Bonet has an extensive catalog of glass around the world besides glass, pieces, enamels and original grisaille.
The knowledge of the artisans is transmitted from master to apprentice since the beginning of the workshop for over 80 years, preserving a way of making and high standards in all processes.